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James Johnson - class of 2018 studying at Dougherty Valley High School, San Ramon CA.

James Johnson training videos with Coach Teohn Conner, San Ramon CA
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‼️‼️ Class is in Session ‼️‼️ Same Foot Stop Back When: Defender is on your hip. Where: Half Court Setting Why: Greater ability to work lower and gain leverage on a defender. Better able to drive in a straight line, still maintaining ability to pull back with drag foot. How: Drop hips on initial explosion past defender. As defender is catching up/riding hips, feel his body against yours with your off hand(can use off hand to slightly push defender off balance of you are clever enough to 😜), then stop on a dime using inside foot as pivot and outside/lead foot as quick brake. I'm using small medicine ball to hold @james30johnson accountable for getting low by dropping his hips to pick up medicine ball and using his off hand by slamming medicine to the ground as he gets into his mid range move. There's a REAL purpose for the use of the medicine ball, and not because it looks "cool!" It can be used as a simulated defender to keep kids ACCOUNTABLE and REINFORCE HABITS when a real live defender is not available. #fundamentalsovereverything #thebasketballtrainer #ttahoops #basketballtraining #g1ve #advancedbasics #puresweat #trainimpossible

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